Friday, September 14, 2018

Family First

July 28th,August 4th

Well where do I start?

First, I would like to send well wishes out to Butch Lerum.  He has been fighting cancer and had to miss this year’s trip.  He appears to be headed in the right direction and we are hopeful for a good outcome.  Please keep him in your prayers.

His family did come and had a good time and caught lots of fish.  They brought in a couple pike in the 40” plus range and numerous 25” plus walleyes. 

Another guest Marty, lost his father on the day he was leaving.  His Mother told him his father would want him to come up, so with a heavy heart he and his family still made the trip.  Though he was here his head and heart were back home with his family.  As many of you already know this is part of the cycle we are all apart of but still doesn’t make it any easier.  Keep your head up Marty.

I had the pleasure of having my oldest brother in camp as well.  Though he is not a big fisherman it was nice to have him in camp and catch up on all the home happenings, and I was able to enjoy a bit of time fishing with him.  His group had a good week and caught a binch of fish and made sure they caught afternoon naps to recharge their batteries before heading back to the grind the following Monday.

Penny who is part of the larger group of guests won the tournament in a hotly disputed weigh in.  She ended up winning it with 3 walleyes pushing the 18 inch mark.  Way to go. 

Big shout out to Chuck and his group, and Bob for bringing me up some sweat corn.  This is one of my favorite things to eat and I was able to get my fill.  I really enjoyed it.  Thank you, guys.

The winner of the week for the year end drawing for a free trip next year is Addison Kistler.  Good luck

The week of August 4th was a little different.  We had the pleasure of hosting a week for the HVAC company Auer Steel.  The people of Auer brought many customers and enjoyed a great weather week as well as a great fishing week.  The guys would get up everyday eat breakfast, then head out to the lake to fish all day.  They would return around 5 or 6 in the evening and make dinner and enjoy their evening on the decks.  They caught a couple walleyes in the 27” range and the big pike for the week was a 42” slob.  They had such a good time all will be returning next year to try and learn more about Wine Lake.  Mitch the man in charge of the operation enjoyed doing some fly fishing and even came close to laying into a giant pike on the fly rod.  Unfortunately, it was not meant to be and the fish came off and will be ready to fight another day.  I can truly say it was an enjoyable week and I was able to meet many new people that I hope to see come back for years to come.  My highlight was getting to take Cory and Keith out one day and catching so many walleyes the 3 of us went through over 12 dozen minnows.  Both guys said they would never forget the day they had.  That is what coming up here is all about.  Getting away and enjoying some of the best fishing mother nature has to offer.  Now they can be doing there daily jobs and think back at that day and it will help propel them through the grind and dream of coming back the next year and doing it again.  Enjoyed it guys, thanks.

Finally the update on weather and water.  The water is as low as any of you have seen it.  The portage is not easy, but we are still making it.  We have had zero rain in well over a week and none is in sight.  It has to happen soon.  We can only hope for an early fall and some moisture to stop the receding waters.  The last couple of days it has been well over 90 degrees which is hard to handle.  We will keep you posted.  The fishing has been very good and consistent.  We continue to catch a lot of fish in that 20 to 24” range.  I was out the other night and got into a mess of fish in the 6’-12’ range which makes me believe the next couple years the fishing should remain steady. 

Look forward to seeing you all soon.