Monday, July 30, 2018

Rain Rain DON'T Go Away!

The water level is falling!  Though we had a bit of rain the week of July 21st, the lake level dropped about 6 inches.  Our lack of water for the past 13 months has been incredible.  At this point an inch of rain in one day does not even stop the lake level from lowering.  The fishing remains pretty good.  There were many walleyes over 25” caught this week and a great number of fish in the 15-16” range.  While we have had many days in the 80’s and low 90’s this year, during the week we got a break and had highs in the mid 60’s for a couple days.  It was a nice change and we will take what we can get.

This week we had the Biselx family in camp.  They had 3 generations spending time on the lake and enjoying each other’s company.  For most of the family it was their 1st time at Wine Lake.  I know they truly had a great time and could not believe how good the fishing was.  Don the Father of the group said he wanted to always bring his entire family to Wine and he finally had the chance.  He  had a smile on his face the entire time.  They were a great family and enjoyed having them in camp.

Last year we had a couple Sam and Chase who decided to get engaged here at Wine.  They returned this year a married couple.  Congrats to the both of them and wish them nothing but the best.  The rest of their family spent most of the days on the lake and ended the week with 3 walleyes over 25” on Friday.  Way to go guys.

Is there a Doctor in the house?  Lucky for one camper we had a ER Doctor staying in camp as he was easily able to stitch a deep cut in Bills hand.  Always need to be careful in the fish house.  Thanks for the good work Tom.

We also got to enjoy several other Wine Lake Faithful’s during the week while sharing stories as we sat around the campfire eating smores and just plain chocolate at time.  It was nice to catch up up with everyone.  The mosquitos were not bad at all which allowed everyone to enjoy the evenings.

If you are getting rain down south please send some our way.  We may have to start doing rain dances a couple times a week.  We are still able to get into Beaver, and Ghost and Turn around, but Mudd will probably be out of the question in the next week or two.  Right now you have to pull the boats in.  We shall see what the future holds.

See you all soon at the Lake!   

Mark Mcgeiy is the winner this week!