Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Never Having Children

Why is it that guys like to be purposely irritating on top of the fact they are naturally irritating? I have been up here for about a month and a half now and have only seen two other women. I am barely hanging on to my sanity. They make me want to say I’m never having kids. Boys specifically. I am pre-arranging the adoption in case I do. No not really, but they make me think it a lot. In reality, the boys are great, but irritating like the brothers I never wanted.

Tournament this week was full of laughter. The wind was strong and knocked over a bowl of ice cream, and Reese joined in on having a sweet treat.

There was no shortage of fish this week either.

As usual, I surprised myself with my abilities, and caught and rescued a hummingbird. The poor thing had flown into the back porch and could not figure out how to escape. Naturally I decided to grab it, take some pictures, and release it back outside.

Dad and I got the rare chance to escape for the night, and we went fishing on Halverson. We had a great time catching small mouth, many were trophy size.

After all the fishing, it was the perfect time to just relax by the fire.

For anyone who knows what the pocket fisherman is, we had a group of brave souls try their hand at the pocket fisherman challenge.

Thank you everyone for the great week.

The winner from this week that will be entered into the drawing for a free trip at the end of the year is Joe Wysong from Indiana!

Now because of our recent internet issues this is going to be one of my famous double blogs…yayyyyy!

Honest apologies though. For the past week and a half, the internet would kick me out about every 5 minutes. This makes it difficult to post blogs, but even more difficult to take 12 credit hours of online classes from a remote fishing camp. Unfortunately, I am already down to 9 credit hours. But hey, who needs information fluency anyways? Oh, that’s right, I do. Oops. I will get it next semester.

This past week we were drowning in fish entries. I am serious. We had entries for over 400 trophy fish caught this week. It was an unbelievable week, so thank you everyone.

 The winner for the second week in this post is John Hebgen! Congrats!
Pictures will be uploaded when I have a steady internet connection.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Nothing Good is Ever Easy

“There is scarcely any passion without struggle.”
Albert Camus

Some people would say telling people about our struggles make us look weak and flawed. I disagree. If any business claimed to be perfect I would worry. What happens to this perfect business when something finally goes wrong? I picture it going down like a scene from SpongeBob where all the buildings are on fire, and the town is running around screaming. While my idea may be a little extreme, and possibly unrealistic, it is not misplaced. If nothing goes wrong how will you know how to fix it when it does? If you ask me, struggles show persistence, they show the ability to work under pressure, and they show a willingness to learn and grow. I’m sure my dad does not quite enjoy me putting all our problems out there fore everyone to read, but hey, he hasn’t taken the blog from me yet. It is also amusing to see how these struggles have changed us. Things that would have caused panic, we laugh and joke about now. With that I give you the struggle of the year: finding workers. With Colin, Jody, and Brendan unable to return this year, we were sent on what seems like a wild goose chase. When we finally thought we had all three workers, the third had to back out last minute. This leaves our team tired and overworked. Unfortunately, this is not an easy fix, and we are trying our hardest to find the missing piece our team needs.

Luckily, running the camp is not all struggles. As with everything in life, you have good and bad experiences. This week was a majority of good experiences. The week started off and we were graced with the presence of our boys from Texas. This was exciting because we only get to see them every-other year. It was nice to see familiar faces and to have such an energetic group in camp. The camp gathered around the fire to listen to the Cavs game on the radio, and we came away victorious.

My dog, Reese, was a very unhappy camper this week. Someone got a little to curious and made some bugs, or something VERY angry with him. The poor thing came back to camp with his underside coated in welts and in a lot of pain. Luckily, after about a day it seemed the pain subsided, and now all that is left are scabs. My boy is back to his usual happy self.

We have some exciting news as well. We did a little renovating in the Moose and gave it an entirely new kitchen area. 

While I do not have a picture, it seems there was a Muskie caught in Wine as well. This is only the second time we have heard of this, and do not believe they are established in the lake.

               The winners of the tournament this week were our Newbies Dave and Steve. Great job boys!

               Other good news: we have finally had some rain!! While not a lot, the lake has come up slightly.

Finally, the winner from this week that will be entered into the drawing for the free trip is Brian Tumlin. Congrats!