Friday, September 14, 2018

Hearing About it is One Thing, Seeing it is Another

As you probably guessed I have fallen behind on the blogs (and Maddie has fallen even more behind on posting them, sorry everyone).  The summer has been moving by way to fast.  Over the last couple of weeks the weather has remained very warm and dry.  As of now there is a no burn policy in effect for all of North West Ontario.  What that means is no open fires period.  We are able to use our BBQ grills and that is it.  Shore lunches and evening fires are out.  I hope we get some rain and that changes soon.  The water level in the lake is crazy low.  To quote a guest this week, “hearing about it is one thing, seeing it is another”.  We do have a little rain in the forecast this week but it will take a lot of rain to change the way things are now. 

We will start off with a great visit from my family.  I was able to enjoy a week with 2 of my daughters and my wife.  I also had some buddy’s in camp with their that I have know since we were kids.  I was able to do some fishing and really enjoyed the week.  In the evening, all the late teens early 20’s gang would get together and play cards or some other game until latter in the evening.

We also had the Becks in camp.  They were able to reduce the population of mice in the Duck cabin.  John ran his trapline every day religiously and then took his bounty to the lake and feed Pete the Pike a fresh mouse  each morning.. 

The Steve and his group enjoyed a day up on Halverson where they were able to catch a few smallmouth and pike before the wind got to be too much and they headed back to camp. 

Dion and Dion (Dion squared) did not fish as hard as they usually do, instead they slept in many days and relaxed more during their week.  They spent time talking with Jeff and Donna, and hanging out with the people they have come to know over the years.

Kirk and his gang spent the week learning how to fish the lake better and seemed to better and better each day they were here.

All in all it was a very nice week even though it was very warm for most of the week.

John Beck was the winner for this week!
Maddie's version of the week:
I turned 22 the previously, so this was our time to celebrate. I took it upon myself to recruit the camp to come play drinking games. Early mornings were not the theme this week unless you want to count staying up until early mornings. The Dion's got into the action, and the beer supply had to be replenished quite frequently, oops. Dad also forgot to mention that I entered the fishing tournament with a friend of mine, and won! The majority of my fishing experience comes from the past 3 years, and this was a very proud moment for me!

Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us! 

Last week consisted of hard fishing and evening gatherings.  The Nebraska nightmares were in town and they spent all day on the water chasing the walleyes and trout, and all evening lightening the load home by disposing of lots of food and beer.  The big fish bet they had going was won by one of the 2 women in camp, a 27 ½ walleye.  The same day Chris caught the big walleye, she also got to see a cow moose swim across the lake right in front of camp.  Some people have all the luck.  During the week we had several trout caught, the biggest was a heavy 36’ by Greg.  We had multiple pike caught in the 36-38’ class and many fat smallmouths. 

Ryan and his group spent their days trying to figure out how to walleye fish.  Over the last several trips they chased the pike, and decided it was time to go after the tasty fish.  By the end of the week they had it figured out and caught many fish in the 20-25’ range.  Way to go guys.

Again, the area received little to no rain for the week and the water level dropped over 4 more inches.  We continue to re-adjust the portage ramp and are making it through.  The good news is with lower water the fish have less water to hide in! 

Dave Pabian is the was the winner this week!