Monday, July 30, 2018

Rain Rain DON'T Go Away!

The water level is falling!  Though we had a bit of rain the week of July 21st, the lake level dropped about 6 inches.  Our lack of water for the past 13 months has been incredible.  At this point an inch of rain in one day does not even stop the lake level from lowering.  The fishing remains pretty good.  There were many walleyes over 25” caught this week and a great number of fish in the 15-16” range.  While we have had many days in the 80’s and low 90’s this year, during the week we got a break and had highs in the mid 60’s for a couple days.  It was a nice change and we will take what we can get.

This week we had the Biselx family in camp.  They had 3 generations spending time on the lake and enjoying each other’s company.  For most of the family it was their 1st time at Wine Lake.  I know they truly had a great time and could not believe how good the fishing was.  Don the Father of the group said he wanted to always bring his entire family to Wine and he finally had the chance.  He  had a smile on his face the entire time.  They were a great family and enjoyed having them in camp.

Last year we had a couple Sam and Chase who decided to get engaged here at Wine.  They returned this year a married couple.  Congrats to the both of them and wish them nothing but the best.  The rest of their family spent most of the days on the lake and ended the week with 3 walleyes over 25” on Friday.  Way to go guys.

Is there a Doctor in the house?  Lucky for one camper we had a ER Doctor staying in camp as he was easily able to stitch a deep cut in Bills hand.  Always need to be careful in the fish house.  Thanks for the good work Tom.

We also got to enjoy several other Wine Lake Faithful’s during the week while sharing stories as we sat around the campfire eating smores and just plain chocolate at time.  It was nice to catch up up with everyone.  The mosquitos were not bad at all which allowed everyone to enjoy the evenings.

If you are getting rain down south please send some our way.  We may have to start doing rain dances a couple times a week.  We are still able to get into Beaver, and Ghost and Turn around, but Mudd will probably be out of the question in the next week or two.  Right now you have to pull the boats in.  We shall see what the future holds.

See you all soon at the Lake!   

Mark Mcgeiy is the winner this week!

Can't Beat the Heat

This week we actually had a couple days relief from the heat.  One day during the week we actually had a high temperature of 65 degrees.  Have to love the north. 

The mass of flies we had been experiencing has subsided to a normal level.  At one point they were so bad you could not stand outside during the day without pants and socks.  I do not know if it was just a large hatch this year or the hard winds blew them out of the woods, but I have never seen so many flies.  People believe that these flies that look just like a house fly, but bite, are black flies.  These flies are called stable flies.  Up hear we call them ankle biters because that is where the tend to bite you and let me tell you it hurts.   Black flies look more like a gnat than a fly.  They are most prominent in the spring.  During the summer they are mostly in the bush looking for cool and wet areas.   The only thing  that seems to work is 100 percent deet bug spray.  Another trick is to go to your local tractor supply or farm and fleet and get a spray bottle of fly spray made for horses.  You can spray the inside of your boat down and it will keep them at bay.  The best thing to do is wear a pair of pants and socks, but hard to do when the temps are in 80’s and 90’s.

This week the fishing really started to pick up again.  We were catching lots of walleyes in the 20 to 24 inch range.  The smaller eater walleyes are really grouping up.  We are catching good numbers of fish in that 17 inch range and going deeper we are finding the bigger fish.  When the wind is blowing and the clouds block out the sun they seem to move a little shallower and bite a little better. We caught several walleyes in the 25 inch range as well as a 27 and a 271/2.  The big pike we had been consistently catching seem like they took a break.  The biggest for the week was a 38” fish caught in Turn around.  Perch were continuing to bite well and even a few lakers were brought in.

We had 3 different groups in camp this week.  One group was 3 generations of family.  All first timers to Wine except for Chris and Mike,  struggled early to catch fish but enjoyed throwing the frisbee and spending time together.  The 4 grand children that were here enjoyed the fishing but enjoyed the back yard playing just as much.  As the week progressed they began to get a feel for the lake and started catching fish pretty regularly.  Mike, the dad and grandfather, told me it was awesome to spend so much time with his children and grand kids.  He hoped that they would take to the outdoors like he has and enjoy the time in nature.

Another group was made up of some buddies that were always competing to catch more fish than the others.  They spent lots of time exploring all parts of the lake.  When it was too hot or they tired of catching fish they would play cards in their cabin or on the deck for hours.  Everyday you could see them racing down the lake to see which boat was the fastest, though not always a fair race!

The 3rd group consisted of 6 people whom have been coming to Wine for many years.  They had a routine of getting up, eating breakfast and taking their time getting ready to go out.  Once they left they would spend the entire day out fishing and then come back in the evening to enjoy a big dinner and some libations.  The truly had their system down and it showed with great food every night.

It was a great week and all that came enjoyed the time here.  Even all the ladies who had never been here before said it was better than they thought and very comfortable.  Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon.  

July 7th

I have one word for the week of July 7th, and it was quiet.  Was it the nature of the group in camp, was it the 85 degree plus days, I do not know but it was very very quiet.  As we approach the mid-point of the season, (hard to believe) it was a welcome change.  My staff and I have been running non-stop since the beginning of May so it was a great time to take a big breathe and slow down a little.

The first night of the week the temps were in the mid 90’s with a real feel of 106 degrees.  Needless to say that was a really rough night of sleep.   I know I was welcoming any breeze or rain that would come our way.  Though it cooled off some  it was a really warm week with very little rain.  The lake is still almost 24 inches down and with the lack of rain we are getting again this year it is starting to fall again.

We had a couple new people in Dennis and his son Mitch with us in camp.  They seemed to have a really good time.  They fished hard for the most part but made sure they got a solid nap in each day during the afternoon.  They even made sure they got one on tournament day. 

We had 3 generations of the Ketterer Family with us.  They fished for burbout a couple nights as well but just couldn’t seem to find them.  Dan and Dixon redeemed themselves however by winning the fishing tournament on Wednesday. 

The big fish of the week came from Jim with a nice 42 inch pike.  Way to go.

Pat and his group enjoyed staying in the moose.  Never woring to get out early.  They would get up, eat a good breakfast, and then go fish long enough to catch dinner.  Upon returning they would eat fish, dring some quality Colorado brewed beers and smoke cigars.  They truly know how to relax and enjoy their time here.

The Elwoods spent much of their time chasing lake trout.  It may have taken them a while but they were able to each catch some.  They even took their talents to Anishinaabe and were able to land a 28” trout there as well.

For the second week Keith and Lane were in camp.  Not wanting to go home, but knowing it was time, they made a big push to have walleye for dinner a couple times before they left.  I want to thank Keith as he not only brought up a 9-pound brisket but spent 13 hours smoking it for us with his secret rub.  Wow was it good.  We actually were able to have it a couple times.  He was truly able to bring Texas to Wine Lake.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you again.  Safe travels!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Old Friends and New Faces

The week started off with a little rain.  That seems to be the trend in the last month.  What little rain we get seems to always fall on Saturday and Wednesday.  Unlike the previous weeks thunderstorms this week was just a light drizzle that ended quickly.  All in all not a bad portage and everyone made it into camp safely. 

Ron and Lisa were here for the first time.  Ron jumped right in at the portage and helped quite a bit.  I knew then he would fit right in.  The spent their week fishing hard and learning the lake.  It did not take them long as the figured out how to catch as many walleye as they wanted and finished the week with the two biggest pike for the camp.  Lisa caught a 40” and Ron a 41”.  In his words it was “the hit I been waiting for my whole life”.  Great job guys and welcome to the family.

We also had 2 big groups come up that included 3 generations each of Wine Lake family.  They both enjoyed the weeks in different ways.  The Kessenich family spent much of the week fishing, playing cribbage and playing with the young boys in the group.  The Oppman party spent much of the week fishing out of the way places and enjoying the sights.  They played games and the older kids hung out in hammocks under the cabin.

Fishing started to pick up again as the mayfly hatch finally subsided.  People caught some nice Lakers and starting bringing in eating size walleyes for lunch and dinner.  Sherry and Arlyn always quiet and reserved got to see a cow moose eating in the lake.  They started out the week and finished the week by catching lots of 20-24-inch walleyes.  Sherry even managed a 38” pike. 

We had the windiest week I can remember.  Several days had sustained winds in the upper teens with gusts to 30 mph.  One day was actually so windy not many even attempted to fish.  We had nice temperatures and the week went by quickly.  In the evening all the boys from age 8 to 10 would play kickball or catch for hours.  Even the workers got into the games and played with them.

Mr Burns struggled to catch a Laker all week, but managed to get on Thursday evening.  He could not have been happier.

The winner of the weekly drawing for the free trip at the end of the year is John Hartman.  He will have a 1 in 19 chance of winning next year.  Good Luck

We are looking forward to all the families coming back and starting a whole new adventure.