Monday, June 12, 2017

Revolving Door of Faces

First, I have to apologize. Then I have to apologize again because I feel like I am always saying sorry about something when it comes to the blog. Between the issues with wifi, and my jumbled brain, the blog never seems to be on time or completely finished. For those of you who know me you can probably attest to the fact that my brain probably resembles that of scrambled eggs. Pair that with the fact that I hate to write if I am not inspired and you get late blog and internet issues. Good news though, as I was showering today the inspiration hit and I came running from the shower house with soap still in my hair. So here we go.

As you all know this is our second year with the camp, and we have met a lot of people since we started. After you go through the first year, you get this idea that you have met everyone; you think you will get a new group or two, or that a group might bring someone new along. Overall you feel you have met everyone you will see consistently in the years to come. Now, although that is true, I forgot to account for the groups that did not come last year (or for the past 23 years) and decided to make an appearance this year. Boy we thrown for a loop when we knew only 3 out of 7 cabins! It was like we stepped into a time machine and were starting all over again. We entered a new realm and traveled back to the home of the revolving door of new faces. Every time you would turn around there was someone new to meet, or a new story to hear. As crazy and unexpected as it was, we had a great time making new friends and memories.

Along with the craziness of a mostly green camp we had a lot of other unexpected challenges. These were everything from a possible broken ankle, to a MNR visit, to falling off the dock into the water, and boats floating away. We had a new admission to the broken prop club (you know who you are), and a very special 25th birthday! Both our bear hunters this week are going home with beautiful bears and we couldn’t be happier! The best weeks are the ones where work doesn’t feel like work at all, and thanks to you guys that is exactly what it was!

The ankle story: I will make it short. The moral of this story is that if your son forgets his knife and it looks slippery, make him get out of the boat and get it! Our good friend Albert found this out the hard way. Lucky for him we are some quick thinkers and were able to find him some crutches. Although it looked painful, he was a trooper and didn’t let it keep him from fishing! We wish him the best on his way home and hope he feels better soon!

Next, the MNR visit had everyone running around scared, but for good reason! The limit is the limit. Just because you plan to eat fish that night, and take your limit home the next day does not mean you can have over the limit. Why? Because it is OVER THE LIMIT. Don’t be dumb. They will take your fish, and cite you for each fish you have over what you are allowed. This weeks winner? 8 walleye over at $200 a piece. It is a lot cheaper to just follow the rules don’t ya think? Another big problem we had was that people were completely skinning their fish. The law is that you must leave at least 1 square inch of skin on each piece of fish until right before it is being cooked. You may get fined, or you may just get warned, but they WILL take your fish for that as well. Just pay attention when you clean your fish, cause it is kinda inconvenient when the MNR confiscates your dinner. Hey, on the bright side the grocery store is only 3 hours away! Finally be extra observant when buying your fishing license online. There was a group that had bought theirs at the same time online, but one license was for the wrong week. When it comes to online licenses all it takes is one click of the button to make it the wrong license. Just watch out, it isn’t worth the headache.

Watch your step when you get out of the boat! If possibly breaking an ankle isn’t enough incentive to make you more cautious, then how about possibly breaking a rib or two? We have added handles to the dock. All you have to do is pull up, make sure your boat is tied securely, and use the handle. It is that simple. Luckily there were enough people around to help and make sure he was okay. It could have been a lot worse.

TIE YOUR BOAT UP OR YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGES. Even on the ramps your boat can float away.

Happy 25th Birthday to Caleb Davis! Good luck with your quarter-life crisis. You make a very pretty princess.

Congrats to Mark Yoder and his son Ben Yoder on some nice bears!

The walleye didn’t just start to bite this week, they were on fire! Congrats to John Connaughty and Hal Haberman on catching over 300 walleye this week. That is very impressive guys!

And as usual catching eater-size fish has been a challenge as there are too many trophy fish that like to bite the line instead!

Over all it was a very wonderful week. Thank you all for taking the time to come visit us at WLC. Have a safe trip home, and can’t wait to see you again soon!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Burbot to Main Lodge

As a child, growing up, or becoming an adult, means to know what you are doing. It means you have become someone who has all the answers. What you don’t realize as that dumb, innocent little child is that even adults don’t really know what the hell they are doing. You continue to learn and grow all your life, because sometimes life throws challenges at you that will leave you stumped. While starting this season challenges and laughs seem to be our reoccurring theme. After our long journey, and 4 hours at the border we arrived at the landing ready to get the water running and have a nice hot shower. Boy were we in for a surprise when we fired up the pump and discovered it was leaking. So we did what desperate people do: we went to town and bought a new one. We decided after getting back that instead of fixing the pump we would head into camp, shower, and return later. Fast forward through the VERY cold voyage to camp, we turn on the solar without a problem, and we hook up the water pump also without any issues. Everyone was thrilled until we encountered surprise 2. The pipes in the shower house had burst, and the pipes to the lodge were still frozen. Broken pipes and frozen water lines meant no running water, and no showers for 10 days! Imagine meeting your boss for the first time then learning you have to live with him for a few days, and then not being able to shower for 10 days (sorry Colin and Jody). We all made it through and opening the rest of the camp went fairly smooth. Well, until we had a boat break down and we spent over 4 hours towing it back to camp.

Our first week went very well. Fishing was good, as usual. The walleye weren’t quite biting yet, there were fish still spawning out, and the trout were favoring 3-5 feet of water. The water may have been down about a foot, but the number of fish caught was not. I lost count of how many pike over 40 inches were caught! There was a 40 inch lake trout caught as well! It was a wonderful week with great weather, great fishing, and great people. Thank you for a great start!

For the second week, the weather decided not to cooperate. It was cold and rainy, but per usual it didn’t stop the fishing. The sun came out finally, just in time for tournament day, and we were able to enjoy some ice cream in the nice weather. We had our first bear hunter last week as well, but unfortunately he had to go home empty handed. Everything happens for a reason though, and this week we have two more. We will see what happens!

Even with all the challenges we have had this season there has been no shortage of laughs, jokes, or fun. Colin and Jody are wonderful. In the first three weeks, it was rare to have a dinner without someone laughing till they cried, or spitting out their drink. I will leave you with this: no matter what challenges are thrown at you, or whether or not you know what you are doing, never for get to have fun along the way. Sometimes you just have to laugh it out.