Monday, July 30, 2018

Can't Beat the Heat

This week we actually had a couple days relief from the heat.  One day during the week we actually had a high temperature of 65 degrees.  Have to love the north. 

The mass of flies we had been experiencing has subsided to a normal level.  At one point they were so bad you could not stand outside during the day without pants and socks.  I do not know if it was just a large hatch this year or the hard winds blew them out of the woods, but I have never seen so many flies.  People believe that these flies that look just like a house fly, but bite, are black flies.  These flies are called stable flies.  Up hear we call them ankle biters because that is where the tend to bite you and let me tell you it hurts.   Black flies look more like a gnat than a fly.  They are most prominent in the spring.  During the summer they are mostly in the bush looking for cool and wet areas.   The only thing  that seems to work is 100 percent deet bug spray.  Another trick is to go to your local tractor supply or farm and fleet and get a spray bottle of fly spray made for horses.  You can spray the inside of your boat down and it will keep them at bay.  The best thing to do is wear a pair of pants and socks, but hard to do when the temps are in 80’s and 90’s.

This week the fishing really started to pick up again.  We were catching lots of walleyes in the 20 to 24 inch range.  The smaller eater walleyes are really grouping up.  We are catching good numbers of fish in that 17 inch range and going deeper we are finding the bigger fish.  When the wind is blowing and the clouds block out the sun they seem to move a little shallower and bite a little better. We caught several walleyes in the 25 inch range as well as a 27 and a 271/2.  The big pike we had been consistently catching seem like they took a break.  The biggest for the week was a 38” fish caught in Turn around.  Perch were continuing to bite well and even a few lakers were brought in.

We had 3 different groups in camp this week.  One group was 3 generations of family.  All first timers to Wine except for Chris and Mike,  struggled early to catch fish but enjoyed throwing the frisbee and spending time together.  The 4 grand children that were here enjoyed the fishing but enjoyed the back yard playing just as much.  As the week progressed they began to get a feel for the lake and started catching fish pretty regularly.  Mike, the dad and grandfather, told me it was awesome to spend so much time with his children and grand kids.  He hoped that they would take to the outdoors like he has and enjoy the time in nature.

Another group was made up of some buddies that were always competing to catch more fish than the others.  They spent lots of time exploring all parts of the lake.  When it was too hot or they tired of catching fish they would play cards in their cabin or on the deck for hours.  Everyday you could see them racing down the lake to see which boat was the fastest, though not always a fair race!

The 3rd group consisted of 6 people whom have been coming to Wine for many years.  They had a routine of getting up, eating breakfast and taking their time getting ready to go out.  Once they left they would spend the entire day out fishing and then come back in the evening to enjoy a big dinner and some libations.  The truly had their system down and it showed with great food every night.

It was a great week and all that came enjoyed the time here.  Even all the ladies who had never been here before said it was better than they thought and very comfortable.  Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon.