Sunday, September 24, 2017

Old and New Friends

Fall has finally begun to show here at Wine Lake. We are starting to see at lot more yellows and oranges. The leaves are beginning to change and the mix from the usual green landscape is a great view to behold. 

You know the saying, "April showers bring May flowers", well I hope that "September rain will make the water level rise again". We are really starting to get rain on a more consistent basis but despite its efforts, the water doesn't seem to have risen much, if any at all. I feel like a broken record talking about the low water every week, but it really has been astonishing how much it has changed over the course of the year. 

Normally just the tip of the tall rock is exposed

The bay behind the main dock

This week we had 3 groups staying in camp. The Simmons party of 12, the Schulte party of 10 and James and Dan staying in the Walleye. It was a really fun week with some really awesome and happy people. The Schulte party were first timers staying at Wine but not first timers fishing the lake. They really enjoyed the magnificent Walleye fishing that Wine Lake has to offer. 

The Simmons party were mostly returnees with a couple of rookies thrown in the mix. They had us join them for a fish fry on Thursday night and by the amount of fish that was fried up just that night, I'd say they had no trouble finding the fish this week! 

Wednesdays tournament was a lot of fun despite the rainy day that it started out to be.

Everyone got in the spirit and came up with fun team names that seemed to fit each team perfectly. By the time 3pm rolled around and it was time to measure fish, it was a really beautiful day. 

They winners of the tournament were Ray, Erik and Greg(absent from picture), and had their fish caught by 9am. They won the tournament with 3 Walleyes(18", 18", 17.25") Their team name; the MFer's(I'm sure you know what it stands for...)

The Walleyes are still going deeper as people are now marking and catching them in 35-50ft more and more regularly. 

Friday night we had quite the storm here. What started out as just lightening, thunder and a little rain turned into a massive hail storm with the biggest pieces of hail I have ever seen in my life. The hail came down hard for at least 10 minutes but luckily left no damage to anything here at camp or any cars at the landing. 

One of the nicest things to hear at Wine Lake is when a new group says they can't wait to come back next year! Saturday morning we heard a lot of that from the first timers which put huge smiles on our faces. It just reassures us that this prestigious camp is run the right way and the beauty and tranquility of this place always gives people the vacation they are looking for. 

Biggest Catches 

29" Walleye - Erik Schulte

13" Perch - Chris Williams

18.5" Bass - Daniel Wood

40" Pike - James "Buddy" Emerson