Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's Been A While

I'd like to apologize for my 6 week hiatus from the WEEKLY blog...I know, I know, you're all thinking I'm just lazy but really we have been very busy around here.

Because of my long absence from writing, the last 6 weeks worth of blogs are going to be all mashed up into one.

August 5-12 "Family Week" 

We had a big fish fry with Nicks friends and family with a lot of good food and some fun and games. 

Maddie celebrated her 21st birthday! We had a great dinner, cake and some fun partying that night too! 

Dion Sr. and Dion Jr. won the fishing tournament on Wednesday.

It was a really fun week with a lot of great friends and family of Nick that made the week extremely enjoyable!! We look forward to seeing you all again next year. 

Biggest Catches
27" Walleye - Dennis Dube
13" Perch - Dion Perry
28" Laker - Dion Perry
18.5" Bass - Jeff Skinner
37" Pike - Donna Adams

Aug. 12-15

The rollers really got messed up this week and we had to pull the whole system and fully rebuild a brand new set of rollers. The water had still been dropping so we also had to space the rollers out further to make it reach the water on both sides. 

Bob and Jim won the fishing tournament this week with some nice size Walleye and Pike. 

The Wolf cabin(Ken, Chris, Dale, Phil) gave us quite a few laughs while they were here. Things mysteriously just showed up around camp this week. We must have found nearly 30 rubber ducks in different spots around camp. We found a bowling ball on our porch, and a giant pair of woman's underpants hanging on the line one morning. Lots of signs left on the outhouses and all around the boat house. They left restaurant menus in their cabin, a birdhouse for the dock, and an alligator head for the boathouse. It was like Christmas morning meets scavenger hunt every morning while they were here and we all enjoyed it immensely!

Big Catches 
26" Walleye - Spencer Lerum, Bob Kauffman
31" Laker - Jim Iott
18.25" Bass - Chris Little
40" Pike - Phil Lusenhop

August 19-26

Nick ran out of gas while bear baiting one day and was stranded on shore for 2 hours before a boat passed by and towed him back to camp. Jim Pabian was able to poke fun at Nick during Wednesdays tournament by presenting him with a way to fix his problem. 

Brothers Jay and Brian Pabian won the fishing tournament with 3 really good Walleye. 

We had to move an outhouse this week and we had a lot of willing participants from the Pabian, Fisher and Heskett groups to help lift it. The move went really smooth and turned the stinkiest outhouse into the scent-free outhouse! 

The water is still dropping this week too and making portaging and getting into lakes harder and harder. 

Big Catches 
26.5" Walleye - Marty Vanhorn
12" Perch - Tom Jonston
34" Laker - Pete Fisher
18.5" Bass - Phil Lusenhop
40.5" Pike - Phil Lusenhop

August 26- Sept 2

We had our first bear hunter of the fall in camp this week and he got a nice bear on the first night of going hunting. It was quite an adventure because when Nick and I were going to pick him up in Ghost, our boat broke down and we all had to spend the night in the woods. Jody rescued us first thing in the morning though and Nick and Jeff and I survived and now we have a pretty cool adventure story. 

Clifton and his wife Bethany won wednesdays fishing tournament with 3 great Walleyes. 

The fish started going deeper this week. Walleyes are now starting to sit between 18-35ft with some being caught a little deeper. 

The water will not stop dropping and is exposing rocks that haven't been seen for years. 

Big Catches
27.5" Walleye - Jon Wysong
36" Laker - Lenny Klossner
19.5" Bass - Jen Kern
41" Pike - Carl Oswald

Sept 2 - 9 

We got a lot accomplished this week! Nicks brother and some of his friends came up this week as well as my parents and Jody's mom. 

The roof on the Duck got re-shingled. 

A new pergola got built on the dock. 

We moved another outhouse. 

Got the new Gray Water hole cribbed out. 

Pulled the boat ramps further into the water and made the fish house ramp safer and sturdier. 

A couple boat motors, our lawn mower, generators, and the main lodges solar all got a tune-up. 

A new deck for the Eagles Nest.

A big Wine Lake THANK YOU goes out to Chris, Jackson, Bruce, Tim, Mike and Uncle Jim and to my dad Doug for all they did all week!

They also got to enjoy a lot of fishing this week too and did really well catching the Walleye! Chris also got a nice bear on his second night here. 

Jody and I got to do some fishing with our parents which was really fun and Jody caught a 37" Northern Pike one morning! 

Chad and Darren or "Hammer and Nails" won wednesdays fishing tournament with 3 really good looking Walleye. 

Dave, Terry, Ben, Chad and Darren have a little competition of their own when they come up here. They have the prestigious "Walleye Cup", which is won by the fisherman who catches the biggest Walleye of the week. This years winner.... BEN with a whopping 27" Walleye!!! Way to go Ben! To go along with that 27"er he also got a 40" Northern Pike!!! Ben really is the "Fish Whisperer"!

The Walleye are staying deep and the water is still dropping. Mud and Ghost are extremely hard to get into and the portage has had to be tweaked a little with so many rocks now out of the water and in the way of the boats. 

Biggest Catches 
27" Walleye - Ben Parsons, George Filbur
36" Laker - Kelly Cosgrove
19" Bass - Derek Peterson
44" Pike - Josh Peterson

Sept. 9-16

The rain has finally come, but not nearly enough! Last week gave us a bit and this week gave us a bit more. We had a lot less sunny days and far more cloudy/rainy days. Somehow though, the water is still dropping! We think from the start of this year the water has dropped 30+ inches. Not to mention, at the beginning of the year it was down a good 4-6" from last year. 

We encourage everyone at home to be doing daily rain dances for us! 

With the rain and clouds also comes a lack of solar power. We have installed new energy saving bulbs in all of the guest cabins that seem to be really helping keeping the solar up and running. 

We have been having to run the generator almost every day though to power the main lodges solar. 

Rick and Sal won Wednesdays  tournament with 3 perfect 11.75" Perch! They just beat their cabin partners boat that brought back 2 perfect Perch and a 17" Walleye!

Biggest Catches
25.25" Walleye - Sal Aquino
36.5" Pike - Rick Tylar